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  • Remedies for breach of contract in Iran contract law

    Remedies for breach of a contract Facts Parties: 1- A Chinese businessman and 2- An Iranian Company. Parties concluded three different contracts: An Investment contract with Director of Iranian Company. A sale contract with the Director of Iranian Company. A Contract with the Company for sharing the profits of the Investment Contract in the form […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (part three) Privileges and Assurances Although there are some privileges and assurances for investment in Iran Stock Exchange market but in compare to other types of investment, these privileges are not protective and attractive enough. It seems that regulations in this field are not for promoting foreign investment but just for […]

  • Elite Residency in Iran

    How to Obtain an elite residency in Iran? In some countries, an investor can obtain residency permission or even a citizenship by investing certain amount of money. This type of residency or citizenship differs in each country and it relates to socio-economic policies. In some countries, registration of a company can give residency permission to […]

  • Iran development Goals Every county plans its development paces differently. In Iran, development plans are enactments adopted by parliament for duration of five years. Since Islamic Revolution, six development plans has been adopted. The sixth plan adopted in 3/4/2017. These plans are about social, economic, and cultural development goals for next five years. We mention […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (part two) Limitations When an investor want to invest in a foreign country, it is important to consider due care to the limitations. The limitations may include the requirements for investment, importing of capital, acting through capital, or exporting of capital or its profit. conditions for starting the investment: According to […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (Part One) What is a foreign investment? According to Article No. 1 of “Regulation of Foreign Investment in Stock Exchange and OTC Markets” (18/4/2010) (hereinafter the Regulation): A foreigner is any natural or legal persons that have not Iranian nationality. Determining of nationality of natural person is not complicated. Iranian Nationals […]

  • foreigner in Iran legal system

    Who is a foreigner? For the purposes of any legislation, a foreigner might be defined in various and different ways and have different requirements. Generally, any person who does not have an Iranian nationality is a foreigner. According to Art 976 of Iran Civil Code, there are seven categories of Iranian nationals; Any Iranian resident […]

  • Iran Free Trade Zone

    Iran Free Trade Zones Free trade zone is a piece of land (a city or a province or etcetera) which is free from domestic regulations about trade. According to “Management of Free Trade and Industrial Zones” Act adopted at August 29 1993, purpose of a free trade zone is: To improve development and To increase […]

  • Rules for interntational Divorce in Iran Conflict of Laws

    Which legal system will govern to a divorce lawsuit between foreign nationals? this is a summary of a divorce case between foreign nationals presented in Iran Supreme Court. Fact summary: Wife submitted a petition for divorce against her husband. Both wife and husband had a same nationality. Rule of law According to Article No. 7 […]

  • Governing Law in Iran Civil Code

    When an Iranian national cannot determine a foreign law to govern to a contract? Fact Summary An Iranian national concluded a charter party with a British citizen. Iranian party filed a petition against British party for Demurrage. Governing law in their contract was British legal system. Rule of law According to Article No 968 of […]