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  • Offtake agreement, types of offtake agreements, economic public order

    Obstacles for Offtake agreements in Iran Law An Offtake agreement is:” an agreement between a producer of a resource and a buyer of a resource to purchase or sell portions of the producer’s future production.” There are different types of Offtake agreements: Take and Pay Take or Pay Long Term Sale Hedging Contract Throughput […]

  • Antidumping

    Antidumping Regulation (part one) In 6/6/2017 the “Board of Ministers” adopted a regulation to prevent and confront dumping. In this post, we will translate and explain important parts of this regulation. Article No. 1- definitions: Dumping: importing goods into Iran market at price lower than usual price. Usual price: comparable price in ordinary course of […]

  • protection of computer software in Iran; Rights of Producer and Compensations

    Protection of Computer Software in Iran Law Despite of high importance of protection of computer software in digital era, none of Iran’s Acts and Regulations in this area is available in English language. See Iran Law in WIPO. Starting from the main Act in this area, we will provide an unofficial translation for these Acts […]

  • Financial institution and foreign bank in Free Trade Zone

    Financial institutions in Free Trade Zone According to Article No. 18 of “Management of Free Trade and Industrial Zones” Act and the regulation for implementation of this article: Establishment of bank and financial institution must be in form of “public joint stock company” or “private joint stock company” with registered stock. Establishment of bank and […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (part three) Privileges and Assurances Although there are some privileges and assurances for investment in Iran Stock Exchange market but in compare to other types of investment, these privileges are not protective and attractive enough. It seems that regulations in this field are not for promoting foreign investment but just for […]

  • Iran development Goals Every county plans its development paces differently. In Iran, development plans are enactments adopted by parliament for duration of five years. Since Islamic Revolution, six development plans has been adopted. The sixth plan adopted in 3/4/2017. These plans are about social, economic, and cultural development goals for next five years. We mention […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (part two) Limitations When an investor want to invest in a foreign country, it is important to consider due care to the limitations. The limitations may include the requirements for investment, importing of capital, acting through capital, or exporting of capital or its profit. conditions for starting the investment: According to […]

  • Investment in Iran stock market

    Investment in stock market (Part One) What is a foreign investment? According to Article No. 1 of “Regulation of Foreign Investment in Stock Exchange and OTC Markets” (18/4/2010) (hereinafter the Regulation): A foreigner is any natural or legal persons that have not Iranian nationality. Determining of nationality of natural person is not complicated. Iranian Nationals […]

  • Iran Free Trade Zone

    Iran Free Trade Zones Free trade zone is a piece of land (a city or a province or etcetera) which is free from domestic regulations about trade. According to “Management of Free Trade and Industrial Zones” Act adopted at August 29 1993, purpose of a free trade zone is: To improve development and To increase […]