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  • Iranian Law Firm and Law Firm in Iran

    The differences between Iranian law firm with the law firm in other legal systems; there is no such thing as Law Firm in Iran regulations so a Firm in Iran refers to

  • Job residency in Iran

    Residency in Iran through Job “Iran labor code” is the primary legal document about residency through occupation in Iran. English translation for this Act is available online; Chapter 5, division 3 in this code is about “Employment of foreign citizens”: Article No 120 to 129. Foreign citizens shall not be employed to work in […]

  • Elite Residency in Iran

    How to Obtain an elite residency in Iran? In some countries, an investor can obtain residency permission or even a citizenship by investing certain amount of money. This type of residency or citizenship differs in each country and it relates to socio-economic policies. In some countries, registration of a company can give residency permission to […]

  • foreigner in Iran legal system

    Who is a foreigner? For the purposes of any legislation, a foreigner might be defined in various and different ways and have different requirements. Generally, any person who does not have an Iranian nationality is a foreigner. According to Art 976 of Iran Civil Code, there are seven categories of Iranian nationals; Any Iranian resident […]

  • List of Iran treatise about amity and commerce Treaty of Amity, residency and commerce between Iran and Denmark adopted January 10 1935 Treaty of amity and commerce and shipping between Iran and Norway adopted June 7 1932 Treaty of amity and commerce between Iran and Poland adopted May 29 1928 Treaty of amity, commerce, residency, […]

  • Residency in Iran

    Residency in Iran Main legal instrument about entrance, residency in Iran is “Entrance and residency of foreign nationals Act” ratified in 1931. According to this Act and its amendments, entering in Iran is generally allowed and for this end, first step is to obtain an entrance permission or visa. Iran embassy in domicile country of […]