foreigner in Iran legal system
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  • Who is a foreigner?

    • For the purposes of any legislation, a foreigner might be defined in various and different ways and have different requirements.

    • Generally, any person who does not have an Iranian nationality is a foreigner.

    • According to Art 976 of Iran Civil Code, there are seven categories of Iranian nationals;

      • Any Iranian resident except from those which their foreign nationality is Undoubted.

      • Any person who his or her father is an Iranian national.

      • Any person born in Iran and his or her Parents are unknown.

      • Any person born in Iran and his or her parents are foreigners but one of his or her parents born in Iran.

      • Any person born in Iran that his or her father is a foreigner but immediately reside in Iran for at least one year after reaching eighteen years old.

      • Any foreign woman who got married to an Iranian husband.

      • Any foreigner who obtained Iranian nationality.

    • In “Persuasion and Protection of Foreign Investment Act” (10/3/2002), a foreign investment includes any asset with foreign origination.

    • According to Article No. 1 of “Regulation of Foreign Investment in Stock Exchange and OTC Markets” (4/18/2010), a foreigner is any natural or legal person that does not have Iranian nationality. Furthermore, a legal person registered in Iran is a foreigner if more than fifty percent of its shares are in the ownership of foreign nationals. Although The Investment Funds are legal person too, but there is a special regulation about Funds with floating capital. A Fund with floating capital is a foreign national if more than forty percent of its shares belong to legal or natural foreigners.

    • In Foreign Direct Investment regulations in Iran, foreign investment includes any foreign originated investment regardless of nationality of investor.


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