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Iran development Goals

  • Every county plans its development paces differently. In Iran, development plans are enactments adopted by parliament for duration of five years. Since Islamic Revolution, six development plans has been adopted. The sixth plan adopted in 3/4/2017. These plans are about social, economic, and cultural development goals for next five years. We mention some of economic goals in the last plan. PDF version of this Act is available at (Sixth development program)

  • Economic growth and foreign investment:

    • GDP growth rate: Eight annual percent

    • Investment growth rate: Twenty one percent in overall duration of program (five years)

    • In order to achieve these goals, the government should Define headlines for:

      • Foreign investment attraction in annual average of $ 30 billion through Project finance.

      • FDI attraction in annual average of $ 15 billion.

      • Foreign partnership investment in annual average of $ 20 billion. (public and private partnerships will be discussed later)

      • Participation of reliable foreign companies with national companies.

      • Create Insurances for those Project Finances adopted by “Economy Council”

    • The sixth development program also authorizes foreign investment and foreign participation in agriculture, water, transportation, IT, and mining sector. Details about Method and amounts of foreign participation in these sectors should be clarified through “Board of Ministers” .

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