Elite Residency in Iran
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How to Obtain an elite residency in Iran?

    • In some countries, an investor can obtain residency permission or even a citizenship by investing certain amount of money. This type of residency or citizenship differs in each country and it relates to socio-economic policies. In some countries, registration of a company can give residency permission to the whole family.



    • In Iran, there are two types of residency permission and each one has its own rule and conditions. See Residency in Iran


  • Third type of residency in Iran is investment residency. As it is same in almost every country which give residency through investment, this types of residency is for state-sponsored investment not for private investments.

  • Details:


      • Unlike other countries, the amount of investment is not important and in most cases, it should not succeed from certain amount.


      • Also unlike other countries, the investment can be any valuable material not just money. Thus, equipment, patent, trade mark, Dividend, and etc. are acceptable as investment.


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