protection of computer software in Iran; Rights of Producer and Compensations
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Protection of Computer Software in Iran Law

Despite of high importance of protection of computer software in digital era, none of Iran’s Acts and Regulations in this area is available in English language. See Iran Law in WIPO. Starting from the main Act in this area, we will provide an unofficial translation for these Acts and Regulations.

“Protection of Rights of Software Producer” Act (2000)

  • Article No. 1- Producer of software has exclusive right to publish, distribute, and execute the software. Also intellectual and financial outcome of software belongs to producer. Methods for codify and providing the data in computer-processing space are also in definition of software. Financial rights are limited to thirty years from the date of producing the software and intellectual rights are unlimited.

  •  Article No. 2- If the requirements were established, the software can be considered as an invention.

  • Article No. 3- Name, title, or any special sign introducing the software is under protections of this Act and nobody is allowed to use it for another likewise software in a way that cause misgiving, otherwise he or she or it (in case of company) will be punish according to Article No. 13.

  • Article No. 4- Rights of those part of the software which produced by mediator software does not belong to producer of mediator software.

  • Article No. 5- Producing of software compatible with other software and complementary software is allowed by observance of rights of preliminary software.

  • Article No. 6- If producing the software is a result of employment:

    • Name of producer will be declared in certificate.
    • If purpose of employment contract is to produce the software and also if producing the software is a part of employment contract, the financial rights and right to change and develop the software belongs to employer unless the contact shows otherwise.
  • Article No. 7- In case of software with personal use, it is allowed to create backup versions and copies of the software but it is not allowed to use these versions and copies simultaneity.

  • Article No. 8- “Informatics High Council” will review the software for technical approval.

  • Article No. 9- Only after technical approval according to Article No. 8 producer can claim in court for violation of rights. Registration application is also required for inventional software.

  • Article No. 10- This article is about review process in “Informatics High Council “.

  • Article No. 11- Softwares which are against moral standards or harmful for juvenile will not be approved in “Informatics High Council”.

  • Article No. 12- This article is about establishment a guild system to supervise activities.

  • Article No. 13- Any person who violates the rights protected in this Act, in addition to compensation, will be imprison from 91 days to 6 month or fine from 10 million to 50 million Rials.

    • Note: Compensation will be paid from violator’s property.
  • Article No. 14- Plaintiff can demand to publish the court’s sentence in newspapers.

  • Other Articles of this Act are about process for application of law and other administrative processes.

  • This is an unofficial translation.

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