Register a Trade Mark in Iran
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Trademarks in Iran law

National registration

In order to register a trademark in Iran with nationwide protection, two categories of conditions is required:
  • Positive requirements: requirements that should exist in order to register a trademark in Iran:
    • A trademark is any visible sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of legal entities or of natural persons.
      • If the sign is not visible it can’t be registered as a trademark.
      • Trademark may consist of letters, words, numbers, shapes, or a combination of these elements.
      • Trademark should be capable of distinguishing. Confusing or similar trademarks will not be registered.
    • Privative requirements: conditions that should not exist in order to register a trademark in Iran:
      • Trademark should not be confusing in origin.
        • A customer should be able to distinguish the origin of goods and services from other suppliers.
        • Origin: 1- Producer. 2- Country or place of origin.
        • Similarity in goods and services is irrelevant especially in famous trademarks.
      • Trademark should not be identical or imitation of or contains as an element, an armorial bearing, flag or other emblem, a name or abbreviation or initials of the name of, or official sign or hallmark adopted by any State or intergovernmental organization created under an international convention unless authorized by the competent authority of that State or organization.
      • Trademark should not be contrary to Rules of Sharia, public order or morality.

Documents and process

  • Documents that are required to register a trademark in Iran are same as international system:
    • Personal information for natural persons.
    • Organization information for companies and entities.
    • A sample of trademark.
    • Description and details on trademark.
  • The process to register a trademark in Iran is an online system available at:
  • Documents and information should be in Persian language.
  • In order to register a trademark that contains words or letters other than Persian language, applicant should have a “Commercial Card”. See

International registration

  • International registration of a trademark is subsequent to national registration.
  • Iran is a member of Madrid Trademark System since 2003. See
  • If there is a convention between Iran and the country in which trademark has been registered:
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