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  • Iran Economic Growth For the fiscal year starting from March 20 2016 to March 20 2017, “Iran Central Bank” and “Statistical Center of Iran” has published two different overviews of economic growth. Numbers are in scale of percent. SCI= Statistical Center of Iran and ICB= Iran Central Bank SCI ICB Agriculture 2 4/2 Industry 6/5 […]

  • Iran development Goals Every county plans its development paces differently. In Iran, development plans are enactments adopted by parliament for duration of five years. Since Islamic Revolution, six development plans has been adopted. The sixth plan adopted in 3/4/2017. These plans are about social, economic, and cultural development goals for next five years. We mention […]

  • A Bill for “Economic cooperation Agreement between I.R Iran and Slovenia” adopted by “Board of Ministers” delivered to the Parlimant in 5/10/2017. After ratification, this agreement will be effective. According to this Bill: 1- Parties will try to improve their economic relations to the highest level based on mutual interests. 2- Among other participations, parties […]