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    • Qualified Lawyers and Legal Related Experts

      Many years of experience on legal issues and dispute settlement in Iran judicial system gave us the idea of widening the scope of our work. As a newly founded law office we are proud to introduce this law office as a database for all sorts of legal information about Iran.

    • High Professional Advocacy Experience

      Advocacy is not just about familiarity with Laws and Regulations. It also requires a great knowledge about Psychology, Economic, Sociology, and etc depends on area of expertise. We are proud to have a group of high educated lawyers whom their long term experience in field of advocacy gave them a wide and reliable approach about related knowledges added to many individual experts on marketing, research, and management that participate in our works.

    • Collective Work for Advanced Outcomes

      Apart from some issues which have an explicit solution, most of legal issues does not have a clear and simple solution and also, in some cases, there are multiple choices to solve a problem or answer a question. undoubtedly, a single expert can not claim a comprehensive knowledge about his or her work specially when it comes to legal professions. As for our law office, any particular case is subject of collective consider to find the best solution in every aspect.

    • Emerging Market and Legal Challenges

      Market rules over almost every other aspects of legal changes. In a changing market from domestic to supranational such as Iran, both types of forces are involved to change and unify legal rules and untill this unity, paticipation in this market requires a clear understanding of current and potential legal situation. facing these challenges without a spotlight is not a wise business manner. We are here to give you the spotlight.

    • Globalization

      With 2700 K.M of coastal borders between Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf and Golf of Oman, I.R Iran maintains a particular geographic position. It also has about 3/400/000 H.A Of industrial forests plus more than 17 different types of mineral reserves.

      Power-oriented decisions have widely affected social relations, from total restrictions to targeted restrictions on foreign social relations and from market to university. Due to our hope to rationalization of all decisions and also worldwide use of cyber space, O&H law office is to serve as an information center for legal information about I.R Iran in globalization process and globalized market.

    • Internationalized Cases

      In almost every country in the world, there are different rules for nationals and non-nationals. this differentiation depends on the nature and sources of any particular legal system so it naormally can not be categorized. Any dispute that include a non-national element could result in a internationalized dispute which may or may not requires to apply a foreign law. the non-national element can be anything like nationality of one party or a contract concluded in another country or even pariy’s agreement about application of foreign law.

      In Iran legal system, rules that govern on internationalized cases vary upon foreign element; 1- if applicant is not an Iran national, 2- if defendant is not Iran national, 3- if dispute refer to the court or arbitration, 4- if contract has been concluded in foreign country, and etc. in each and every case, depend on the type of foreign element, rules that govern the case might change. these rules include procedural rules and merit rules. for example

      1- In a matrimonial dispute, if one of the parties is an Iran national, both procedural and merit rules vary depend on whether the spouse is Iran national or the wife.

      2- In a non-contractuual liability, there is not any explicit rules about proper law in Iran legal system so it depends on every factor that involves in the case.

      3- In a multilateral contract in which one of the parties is an Iran national, any judgement or sentence or award or dictum issued from a foreign authority might not be applicable in Iran.

      As it is clear, every step of an internationalized case must be choosen carefully otherwise, the destination of the dispute is totally unclear and uncertain. of course, the whole dispute can be avoided via consultation about first steps of any situation which engage a foreign elements. so if you have any potential or on going dispute involving an Iranian element such as a contract or a marriage or a divorce, or if you want to stablish a participation with an Iranian national, ask your questions and get your answer from our exerpts.

    • Borders of Language

      Each and every legislative body of a government, even those related to supranational activities, adopt their Acts and Regulations in national language. Farsi or Persian is Iran national language. Legislative Branch (Parlimant), Board of Ministers, Central Bank, and all other law-making bodies in Iran, work and communicate and correspond by this language. except from some major codes such as Constitutional Code or Civil Code, there is not any reliable translation of Iran laws and regulations. In some cases, even international treaties (specially bilaterla treaties) does not have an official translation.

      Our group of lawyers, due to their passion about other cultures and through years of hard work, succeded to learn different languages and widen their knowledge about other legal systems such as French, Arabic, and Chinese. At this starting point, the primary language to provide information is English but consultation can be held in French and Arabic too. french and chinese version of this website will be added shortly.

Introductory note

O&H Law Office aimed to contribute in globalized market and provide legal information for individuals, companies, entities, and organizations about Iran legal system. In this website we provide the most useful information in different categories. Upon clients and consultaions, other languages will be added to the website.

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