Center for Legal Information and Legal Know How



Our services

  • Legal consultantancy

    Having a group of high-educated lawyers enabled us to give professional and accurate consultancy in every aspect of Iran legal system.

    In international scale our professionals work near a decade giving Legal advice to clients all over the world. We can help you with:

    1- Design and amend international contracts including investment contracts, partnership, import and export and IP contracts.

    2- International family disputes.

    3- Legal requirements to work in Iran market both as individual and company.

    4- Establishing branch, representative, and affiliate or associate company in Iran.

    Free online consult is available on regular schedule. see

  • First Hand Data and Information

    If you are a businessman or a businesswoman or a company needing data about market of information about your current or potential business situation in Iran, we can help you with:

    1- Evaluation of your business partner.

    2- Legal and financial risks of your business.

    3- New changes in Iran legal and market atmosphere.

  • Advocacy

    All members of this Law Office are Lawyers certified by Iran Bar Association. in every lawsuit or arbitration, we have an experinced lawyer to represent your case.

  • Written and Endorsed Legal Instrument

    If you are a law firm, a lawyer or an individual needing endorsed translation of Iran legal documents or interpretation of any legal instrument to represnt in courts, arbitration, or any other legal purposes, we can help you with:

    1- Providing translation of Iran legal instruments including Acts, Regulations, and Supreme court’s decisions translated by authorised translators and endorsed by certified lawyers.

    2- Providing official interpretation of legal instruments endorsed by lawyers.